A few months ago I decided to come off of Instagram – for a few months. It wasn’t planned. One day I found myself vigorously scrolling through posts feeling an anxious urge to go out… View Post

We’ve all been there – somewhere between waking up and 6pm, you’ve spent the whole day working but you’ve achieved nothing. Oh except the fact that you’ve watched 30 Facebook videos, scrolled all the way… View Post

I was one of the few people in the office who habitually said ‘no’ when asked to go the pub after work. Most times I didn’t even know why. Just ‘no’ really. I stopped making… View Post

I Need a Trader is an online marketplace for commercial tradespeople to advertise their services. I was commissioned to write six pages of web copy for the platform including; Home How it Works Services Benefits… View Post

Crowdfunding is fundraising, simply put. Crowdfunding platforms, however, are slightly different to conventional fundraising platforms. Fundraisers on crowdfunding platforms can raise funds for a variety of causes, not just charitable ones. Kickstarter, the world’s largest… View Post