If you’re anything like me, when Sunday evening approaches you often get that overcast feeling as you know Monday is looming and it’s right back to the routine. But this weekend was one of those… View Post

I don’t like going to the gym, admittedly. Is that something you find difficult too? When I’m there, I spend a huge amount of time slyly gawping at other people wondering how they managed to work… View Post

A few weeks ago my hubby came home with this gorgeous gadget and I could not wait to try it out. If you read my blog FITNESS JOURNEY: MY RUNNING ESSENTIALS, you will know that… View Post

Last night I got the opportunity to preview this great song by Stash – one of the UK’s coolest aspiring rappers. I love this song for so many reasons – but mainly because the melodies are reminiscent… View Post

TEDx is a micro community that organises a TED-style event celebrating locally-driven ideas. TED has been around since 1984 and began as a conference for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Today, the non-profit global organisation covers… View Post