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Hullo! *smiley face* I’m Bridget, I’m 32 years old and I live in London with my husband and my prized collection of Fresh Prince DVDs. I’m a writer by profession but I’m also working on my own business which is really exciting and sometimes quite surreal. I love music -from hip-hop to soft-rock, I LOVE cake, reading, driving and online shopping. I love God and overall I’m trying to maintain a healthy, happy and positive outlook on life.

I come from a huge, but close-knit family and I’m very close to my siblings and my mum (sadly, my beloved father passed away four years ago). I’ve also got great friends from various stages of my life – most are responsible for me tapping on my phone all day.

My husband is literally my best friend – he’s just so funny, so loving and so damn smart. I like to pick his brain just for fun –it’s like he knows everything!!! He is my biggest supporter (along with my mum) and he usually gives me his last Rolo. He’s kinda awesome.

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The reason for my blog is to share with you some gems that I’ve learnt on my career path, as well as some bits from my personal interests like the latest music, cool networking events and random stuff that bloggers do like eat and get dressed up. I hope it all fits well together!

On a professional note, if you’re interested in hiring me for your content writing or copywriting job, you can check out my portfolio and email me brieboateng@gmail.com to discuss your project!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Visit again soon to see what’s new in my busy world, you are always welcome.

With love,



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