My business is here… yay???

My business is here… yay???

Last week I pressed the green button on my business, Top Bake. Without any fanfare (on my personal social media accounts anyway) I got it off the ground, almost four years after the idea was conceived. 

Top Bake is a marketplace where people buy and sell baked goods. It’s like the Esty (or Amazon 🙂 ) of cakes! I’ve had hundreds of sign ups, thankfully, but only selected a few bakers to launch with. At the moment, I’m testing the business model so it’s an MVP but good enough to use (yay!).


Since putting it out there I’ve been hesitant about promoting it, fearing things not working properly or getting questions about stuff I haven’t figured out yet. 

Making me wonder, when I was initially building this super colossal website with intricate features, was I actually ready for it?

Wearing every hat

I had a phone convo with a baker yesterday and she asked me some pretty basic questions that I had no direct answer for. She was graceful enough to allow me to figure it out on the phone, but I had to stop myself from going into CEO of Top Bake at the Top Bake enterprises mode (there’s no such thing by the way) and just be me!

Years of trying to launch a business got me pretending to be my own receptionist, assistant, business partner and boss. It’s cringing when I think about it. I’ve built better connections by just being myself!

Shop cakes!

So that’s it. We, or rather I, am now open for business. You can shop for cakes and other sweet treats. Or you can just have a browse to see what I’ve been up to when Harley’s asleep. I’m adding to it regularly as I get more sellers, so please keep checking back as I promise there’ll be more to offer. 

Right now, if you fancy some cake for your mother, wife, sister, daughter – or any mother you know, our Kerry is taking orders for cupcake bouquets for Mother’s Day. Be quick as these are limited due to my capacity to handle orders and expect her to bake and decorate them all on the day the day before Mother’s Day!!

Thanks for your orders in advance!

-still winging it,


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