Musings from my business journey

Musings from my business journey

The long and short of it is, life happens. And things with Top Bake were so fluctuant, I didn’t know where my ‘my start up’ journey was heading -let alone try to document it. I thought by now I’d have a success story under my belt, but unfortunately that’s not what I’m about to share. 

Here’s a quick update

Top Bake was almost ready to go live with several hundred users signed up. Sadly, the developers I hired to code the website, coded it in a way that made it extremely difficult for it to be modified without losing my customisations.

So when I migrated my data to my live server (stay with me here), I lost almost all of my customisations – everything I had worked on for the past two years.

I had to accept that the business might never launch

But not without a fight. I became the most sedulous person ever! Have you seen that meme of the cat typing really fast? That was me! Firefighting day and night. It’s like my feet I didn’t want to touch the ground.

But the more I tried to fix things, the more it felt like sand slipping out of my hands. Things were just not working.

Reluctantly, I pressed the pause button. And here I am now.

What I’ve learnt from these trials

I read this quote the other day:

“Destroy the idea that you have to be constantly working or grinding in order to be successful. Embrace the concept that rest, recovery and reflection are essential parts of the progress towards a successful and ultimately happy life.”

-Peter J Bone.

Admittedly if someone had sent me this quote six months ago, I might have thought they were on a secret mission to make me fail! But I’ve had to fully embrace the non-career side of my life and the only way to truly enjoy it, was to press the pause button on my business. 

When I do return to work however, I think these two lessons will serve me very well:

  1. Launch with that you have: I’d been told this over and over again and I thought that’s what I was doing, but I wasn’t. I was still trying to look better than my competitors (who have already launched BTW).
  2. Build a good relationship with a developer or team of developers -agree a budget and set clear milestones for progress.

That’s a basic summary of the past year career wise -the personal stuff is, we now have a baby on board 🙂

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