TOWIE fan? Then you must know about McK Grill

TOWIE fan? Then you must know about McK Grill

Last Friday me and my girl decided to stay local for dinner so I suggested we hit up McK Grill in Woodford Green. I saw the episode on TOWIE where Megan McKenna launched the business so I was kind of intrigued…kind of wanted to bump into a celeb. It was that kind of night.


As soon as I opened the door, the chorus of talking, laughing and loud music pretty much swallowed me whole. It was definitely a buzzing vibe – loads of people. Thankfully, the concierge showed me to my table as I felt like I had walked into someone’s private party!


For mains, my friend ordered the lemon sole with the beef dripped chips and I ordered the grilled lamb, crushed royal potatoes and red wine sauce.

The food arrived in 20 mins, which was good, but there was a noticeable size difference between our portions. She had the mother of all lemon sole’s and I had… a normal sized chop to be fair.

That didn’t matter after the first bite. The FOOD WAS UH-MAZING!

The lamb was grilled to perfection! Sweet and succulent – slightly crispy on the outside. The red wine sauce was HEAVENLY! Rich, sweet and so SO moreish. The potatoes were soft and garlicky.

I actually tried to re-create this meal for dinner that weekend. You know the food is good when you wanna make it at home!



Our waiter was nice and hospitable. My friend is pregnant and he was able to list all the things she could and couldn’t eat, which was impressive. My only snag was that when I ordered a glass of red (after I abandoned my ‘Spice’ mocktail in support of my friend’s pregnancy), it took over 25 mins to bring it to the table. I actually had to walk to the bar to remind them about it. But the waiter gave me a free top up so it was quickly (and easily) forgotten.



So, was Megan McKenna there? Nope, she wasn’t. But it was a Friday night, it was so busy. But I’ll tell you who was there??!! Megan’s dad Dave! Such a nice guy. Friendliest face in the restaurant!



Overall this was a nice place to visit and I’m definitely going back on date night/day. The food was great, location – not bad. The parking wasn’t too far and the prices were decent (starters, mains and two drinks cost me forty-something quid).

I’ve gotta say though, it was very Essex. And I mean, TOWIE Essex. It’s a loud and proud crowd. Having said that, it was a Friday night. I’ll see how it goes on a Sunday afternoon (maybe this time I’ll get the giant lemon sole!) 😉

McK Grill was a happy 8/10 for me!

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