Promises you should make to yourself in 2017

Promises you should make to yourself in 2017

2016 began on a major high! Then something traumatic happened and it was an emotional trip for the rest of the year. It was one of those years where you look back and the main thing you really remember is that one bad or good thing.

So towards the end of the year, some of the major goals I set slowly dissipated – or got pushed into 2017.

This year I decided not to make a long list of goals and separate them into categories. This year, I just want to live life, and life abundantly.

So I made a list of promises to myself. I should have actually done this a long time ago.


I promise to always speak positively of myself.


I will learn to say ‘thank you’ when someone compliments me, instead of  ‘yeah right!!’


I will maintain a stable peace of mind.


I will learn to live in the moment!


I will try to not let my actions be motivated by guilt.


I promise to take the time to regularly count my blessings.


I will replace thoughts of fear with love, faith and courage.


I promise not let any situation permanently steal my smile.


I will stay motivated to pursue my dreams.


I promise to see the fun and fulfilment in every activity.


I will use my power to make a difference.


I will accept my strengths as well as my flaws.


Now the floor is yours…what promises will you make to yourself in 2017…?

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