Our non-first date at the First Dates restaurant

Our non-first date at the First Dates restaurant

Everyday for four months I was walking past The Paternoster Chophouse without a clue that it was the First Dates restaurant. In fact I probably still wouldn’t know if one of my clients hadn’t pointed it out (and I call myself a fan of the show). Anyway, knowing this, and the fact that my husband and I watch the show every Monday, a date night at this restaurant was imminent.

First impressions

The service is 100%! Literally the moment you walk in, you’re offered drinks, your coat is hung up and the staff walking past you greet you with smiles and waves. It’s all very warm and welcoming. The atmosphere was buzzing! It was a little loud but it’s Christmas so we expected some noise.

The food

It’s like a very nice gastro menu. They offer a range of meats and fish dishes from fillet of sea bream to cod and chips. Contrary to a lot of restaurants which have a huge selection of meals, this menu was quite lean, which I liked as, I didn’t have to spend 30 minutes deciding what I wanted to eat. Unfortunately, I broke my ‘ban on pork’ diet, which I kept for the past six months. I ordered the pork belly with crispy cheeks and onion puree with a side of mash potatoes. It was delish! I finished that off with sticky toffee pudding and ice-cream which was slightly on the dense side – not the most amazing pud. For a complete three-course meal on the a la carte menu you’ll be spending between £35-£70 but there are also great deals on the set menu – two courses for£25 and three for£30!


First dates?

So, like anyone else, we wanted to know if the First Dates staff would be there. Sadly, no. The staff on the show aren’t actually waiters and waitresses – I won’t go into that. However the restaurant staff do wear the same uniform as on the show, and the manager was dressed in a blue suit, like Fred. But no, none of them were there. In fact, they’re never there as the restaurant is closed for filming. So no chance of bumping into them, sorry!


It’s a great spot. It is a nice setting for a first date as it’s not too romantic – however it is a bit noisy so you’ll probably end up shouting ‘pardon???’ quite a lot. One thing to remember is to book well in advance of your date. It’s a really popular restaurant and you might not get the booking that you want. We had a lovely time so I would give this restaurant an 8/10!


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