My favourite skincare secrets

My favourite skincare secrets

Recently, I’ve been suffering with adult acne and it’s really annoying. It started when my usual facial soap ran out and I replaced it with a cheaper brand from the chemist for ONE DAY. Ever since then, I’ve been getting the kind of spots that hurt beneath the skin before they emerge and live on your face for two weeks – and then have the cheek to live a scar! And just when I think I’ve tackled one, another two or three appear. It’s not a good look.

So I started looking for skincare products that will help tackle my spots as well as keep my skin hydrated without being greasy – as I also suffer from oily skin.

I came across two amazing brands at the Bloggers Ball by Scarlett London and they are an absolute Godsend.

Face Matters is a luxury skincare range with a blend of botanical oils and mineral silicon to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin. I used the Face Matters Anytime Cleanser and absolutely loved it! I was a bit apprehensive when I saw the ‘anti ageing’ part as previously, anti-ageing products have shrivelled my skin up like a raisin! But this was perfect. The cleanser has a light citrus smell and glosses over your skin so beautifully, it actually feels like a spa treatment. Your skin feels really clean, smooth and even healthy after just one use.

I paired this with the Acevivi Sonic Facial cleansing brush to exfoliate and detoxify my skin. It’s a much cheaper alternative to brands like Clarisonic and in my opinion, does almost the exact same thing!


To moisturise, I use Age Reverse Hydrafirm by dermatologist developed skincare brand Exuviance. This moisturiser goes a long way. You only need little after cleansing and it gives your skin a matte, but not dry finish. It provides the perfect base for applying your make-up – my skin absolutely loves it! The Exuviance brand produces anti-ageing products which have been proven to reduce wrinkles but increase firmness whilst evening out your skin tone. It’s definitely helped to reduce my acne!


Finding good skincare products can be difficult and often, you end up testing a range of products on your skin that either don’t work or that your skin just grows out of. But one thing’s for sure, we’re not getting any younger so I’m glad that I can vouch for these anti-ageing brands that actually do exactly what they say on the tin!

FYI, if you’re a blogger, do check out the Bloggers Ball or Bloggers Festival hosted by Scarlett London. Her events are packed with amazing brands and she’s also a very good host!

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