Not going to the pub after work? Yayyyy, me neither!!!

Not going to the pub after work? Yayyyy, me neither!!!

I was one of the few people in the office who habitually said ‘no’ when asked to go the pub after work. Most times I didn’t even know why. Just ‘no’ really. I stopped making excuses when they got a bit too cringy; ‘my mum wants me to pick her up from shopping’ okayyy. She drives. I think I caught myself in a lie once or twice by saying ‘I don’t drink’…not sure if that was before or after saying ‘I’m meeting my friend after work for a drink’.

If you don’t hit the pub with the after work crew on a Friday (or any other day) it’s totally fine. Stop beating yourself up, stop with the excuses, log-out and go about your business because;

  • You spend on average about 160 hours a month with your colleagues. You spend less than half of that with friends and family combined!
  • If you’re saving for a house, a car or anything else, be prepared to save a little longer – on average you’ll spend about £934.44 per year on drinks – not shoes, not bags not food – just alcohol.

Drunk young woman shallow DOF student

  • Do you really want your colleagues from the marketing department to remember you twerking (very badly) to Rihanna’s ‘work work work work work work’? If you don’t know your limit, why test it in front of the work lot?
  • It’s too much like work – switch off already!! What do you usually end up talking about? Your boss? The project you’re working on? How much work you’ve got to do on Monday? How many targets you hit this week? Zzzzz honestly, I’m falling asleep.
  • ‘No’ just no. Don’t fancy it? Don’t go. There is nothing wrong with socialising with your colleagues in the pub or elsewhere, but if you don’t want to go, don’t feel pressured. I’m sure there’ll be ‘birthday drinks’ ‘leaving drinks’ ‘Friday drinks’ or ‘Monday – Thursday’ drinks lingering….waiting to be drunk.


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