Find a business mentor with these three simple steps

Every entrepreneur knows that starting a business can be a pretty lonely place, especially if you don't have a mentor cheering you on.

Every entrepreneur knows that starting a business can be a lonely place, especially if you don’t have a mentor cheering you on. So I’ve decided to reveal how I went about finding mentors guide me through my career highs and lows.


In your field, there will always be leaders who know the industry so well that they are teaching it. Think back to when you studied. Was there a lecturer who you were particularly fond of? Give them a shout! They’d probably love to hear how much they’ve inspired your career. But if you graduated hundreds of years ago, like me, or if you didn’t go to uni, you can just network your way towards a lecturer. Not so long ago, I reached out to a lecturer at a university that I didn’t even attend! And now she’s mentoring me and oversees all of my crazy ideas! Not bad huh?!



I recently met with one of my old bosses to help me validate my idea and he offered me insight that I hadn’t even thought of. He doesn’t know it yet but he’s definitely on my mentor list! Some of your old bosses have been through what you’re going through career wise, so why not learn from their experiences? You’ll probably find it so much easier to talk to them now that they’re not monitoring your lunch and toilet breaks!


There are some really cool websites that specialise in matching people with the perfect mentor. MentorsMe is just one of them. It’s an online gateway which connects businesses to mentors using a range of different mentorship platforms. It’s extremely useful and it’s free to use!

Good luck!


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