Happy Thursday guys! It’s almost the weekend and I’m really excited about this Saturday and all the family events to come. But I’ve spent most of the week thinking about plans for the future. Can I share my thoughts with you guys?

I’m restructuring my business idea and I’m currently in a spiral where one idea leads to another and another and another. I talk to people left right and center about it –only to realise that I change my mind again when I discover a loop-hole in the financial model!

If you’re a stickler in business, like me, you might find yourself in a constant loop of refining your business idea.

So here are some questions I asked myself when trying to anchor down my ideas:

  1. What problems will my business solve?
  2. How will my business make money?
  3. How can I simplify my idea to give my business room to grow?
  4. Would I pay for this service? Why?
  5. Are there similar products available on the market?

Starting a business may seem quite challenging, but there are tonnes of resources to help you get under way. Check out this site Udemy which boasts a variety of online business courses at very reasonable prices! Get started!

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